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Developing Life Skills in Year 5

Throughout the curriculum Year 5 children have the opportunity to develop life skills in an interesting, creative and thoughtful way.  

Just this week the children have been thinking about the benefits and drawbacks of screen use, and they are now busy preparing to do a very ‘real’ experiment.  They are going to try not to use screens for one hour before bedtime, for a whole week, so that they can present an assembly to the rest of the school about the effect of screen use on restful sleep.  As you can imagine it has caused great excitement, and not a small amount of anxiety!

In English too the children have been learning about persuasive language through advertising – an important aspect to be aware of in modern life.  Having analysed some adverts the children have made some of their own and filmed them.  I think we might have found some advertising moguls of the future!  In fact they are probably the best in the world…

Mrs Munro, Year 5 Teacher

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