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Developing Independence Through the School Council

Our School Council members have started the arduous task of judging this year’s Bake Off! Following the success of previous events, and the mountain of treats that appeared, School Council decided to split this year’s competition into three separate age groups: Nursery to Year 2, Year 3 and 4, and Years 5 and 6. There were some wonderful entries.

Whilst the event is fun, and helps to raise money for charity, the organisation of it is no mean feat. School Council is a very important part of life at Brabyns, giving an all-important voice to all of our children, and providing the members with an opportunity to take on responsibility. If they have ideas, it is up to them to follow them through, under the guidance of the staff of course.

For example, following a visit from United Utilities, the children felt very strongly that they wanted to do an audit of our school facilities, so that they could order some ‘Save a Flush’ packs. They organised an audit with Mr Scrivens, and worked out exactly how many we needed. Our School Captains then made a phone call to United Utilities and our free packs are on the way.

Allowing children to experience responsibility and accountability helps them to develop independence and self-reliance. It is one of the many benefits of being in a small, nurturing school.

Of course, having to judge the Bake Off is a perk of the job of a School Councillor! We look forward to sharing the results with you. It was a very hard choice deciding on the winners!

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