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Nurturing Independence in Year 1

Moving from Reception, part of the EYFS curriculum, to Year 1 and the Key Stage 1 (Infants) Curriculum is quite a transition for a lot of children.  It starts from lining up starting and smart in the morning without holding their parent’s hand to learning how to become more independent about looking after themselves.  

In Year 1, the children are nurtured through this process with lots of support and care as well as letting them have a go by themselves and teaching them to cope with making ‘mistakes’ (which are great learning events).  Learning new life skills is essential to develop the confidence of the young child.

Each morning the children are learning to unpack their bags by putting fruit snacks and reading books in their correct places.  They hang up their blazers and coats and store their rucksacks in the bag tidy.  After some lessons, the children are now learning to file away their own work afterwards using a hole punch.  


Some children are more independent than others, but early finishers are eager to help their friends who maybe struggling with a rucksack clasp, a tricky zip or an unforgiving snappy file!  Being able to do these small things makes the child believe they can cope with a lot more challenging obstacles throughout their day and is all part of the wider education.

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