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Year 5 completed a comprehension called ‘The Day in the Life of a Pound Coin’. They were then required to choose an inanimate object for themselves and write about a day in the life of their chosen object. They had a lesson to plan and then a lesson to write their stories. Here are just three examples for you to enjoy.

A Day in the Life of a water current

Here in a Beach, with horrendous salt-tasted wind and the seashells are hard and patterned, is me, a water current. I am as clear as thin air and I am mixed with seashells and sand. I live with the sandy beach, the beaming sun and next to my salty, clear sea friends. All I see is the yellow beach and the other waves crashing against the shore plus, about a million people standing on us like they don’t care that we exist.

But, one day on a Tuesday morning, I was flowing gently, when a girl put me in a bucket. The girl grabbed me and I was spilling everywhere, the sand, a towel and even on her legs! Finally, she put me on the baking sand. I sat in the uncomfortable plastic bucket, with the sharp shards of seashells and the solid sand hardening. I am going to feel happy and excited about leaving this.

The girl picked me up, then I had a bad bad bad feeling. Then poured me around her castle for a moat! I am worried about the sand, I feel sad for she dropped me and now I am anxious. From this angle, I realized that the “humans” could taste the salty sea and everybody was smelling the fresh breeze and they could cough if they got sand in their mouths. I could hear some people screaming and some shouting, the waves (which was part of us) hitting the floor and the “crunch” sound of peoples feet connecting with the sand. I am in danger because I am on the sand. If I do not escape soon I could dry out.

GMc Y5

A Day In The Life Of A Spoon

It was 6:30 am. I felt myself shifting in the drawer that had been my home for the past 2 years and it felt like it would never change. There was a clattering of plates, and then a warm, soft hand picked me up. It was Mary, who was 9 years old and always had yogurt for breakfast. Just in time too, because I was hungry.

I heard the chatter of people and then I was pushed through some milky, creamy yogurt and into some cool, fruity, sweet compote. It was peach flavor, my favorite! Then I was retrieved from the yogurt and pushed into Mary’s warm, humid mouth. Spoonfuls after spoonfuls of yogurt that I cut through like a knife through butter, Mary passed me to her brother Mike, who put me in the dishwasher. This was going to be fun.

Mike turned on the dishwasher and it started to whirr. Water started to gush in and churn around. The water did not make me rust because I was stainless and hardy. However some of my metallic mates had not been so lucky; after they had been used to eat ice cream and soup they began to rust. Next, I was swept away by bubbles that removed all traces of yogurt from me. Finally, the dishwasher door opened and I was taken out by Mike and given to Angela, the mother of the household and then I was dipped in… TEA ! I felt myself burning as she stirred me round in circles. When I thought I was going to burst, She took me out and rinsed me under the cold tap. I was extremely relieved about that.

Even though I was a scratched spoon, I was still used a lot and soon it was time for dinner. It was ice cream and strawberries for dessert and Tom, the father of the house, picked me up and dunked me into the ice cream. I mean, It would be nice if I got to eat something savory for a change because my diet is all sweet stuff and sugar. The ice cream was delicious though and I could see the family were enjoying it too. Finally, I was given a rinse under the tap,I was carried somewhere, and I was dropped in the drawer. To do the same thing tomorrow. And the day after. And the day after that.

It’s hard work being a spoon.


A Day In the life of a cardboard box!

Thunderously came the noise from the large, dirty machine, with a POP! I came out of the machine and tickled along the conveyor belt. A strong acidic smell from my freshness as a brand new cardboard box.

Excitement filled me as I wondered what would happen next?

Sat on the cold, damp, greying concrete floor, surrounded by vast amounts of similar shaped boxes, I hear people shouting, it becomes louder and louder, until I am grabbed fiercely and then thump! A large wooden object is thrown inside of me, I am taped up and suddenly I hear the low rumble of another machine coming closer, I am picked up and driven out into the dazzling sunlight where I am placed into a truck.

With feelings of sadness but with a tingling of adventure, I am shaken and thrown around, after what feels like only minutes,the back of the truck opens, myself and another box get dropped outside a big, stone house, the other box gets brutally ripped apart, luckily I survive, a little boy takes me inside, he asks his dad to cut a door and window into me, he places soft, comfy cushions on my belly, I am his new den!

O H-E Y5

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