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Brabyns Pupils Embrace Their 'Green Fingers'

During Science Week in March, the whole school planted a sunflower for the Brabyns Sunflower Competition.

Since then, the children have been looking after their plants within school and have continued to measured the height of their sunflower. The older children in school plotted a graph to see the progress of their sunflowers. Prizes were then given to pupils with the tallest sunflower in EYFS, Infants and Juniors. The tallest within school was 23cm!!

Next, the children took the sunflowers home and replanted them into their gardens. The competition continued and the sunflowers grew taller and taller. More prizes were awarded for the tallest sunflowers as they continued to grow.

The children in Reception have continued to be inspired by growing plants and had their green fingers out during Spring, planting lots of seeds. They learnt about what plants need to survive and were amazed how quickly the spinach grew - they even made delicious spinach smoothies from what they had grown.

The Reception children were fascinated with the lettuce and arranged a lettuce party for their Year 5 buddies. Their buddies wrote them a letter to accept their invitation for the party and Reception enjoyed making a salad with their ‘school grown lettuce.’ The lettuce party was a great success and the children achieved various Science objectives.

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