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Being a Good Friend

In PSHCE lessons this term, the Year 3 children have been exploring 'friendship' and what it means to be a good friend.

Learning about friendship is a vital part of growing up and an essential part of a child's social and emotional development. Attributes such as social competence, altruism, self-esteem, and self-confidence have all been found to be positively correlated to having friends. Studies have found that friendships enable children to learn more about themselves and develop their own identity. And, as children mature, friends are able to help reduce stress and navigate challenging developmental experiences, especially during teenage years.

But it is not only the social and emotional benefits; friends can positively influence children’s health. Studies have shown that children who played frequently with active friends were far less likely to mention barriers for not exercising, such as low self-esteem, feeling self-conscious or lack of enjoyment.

To help the Year 3 children develop their understanding of 'friendship', they have drawn pictures of good friends and labelled the key features. They have also written recipes for a fabulous friend. Some of their ideas about what it means to be a good friend included,‘Making people smile and being a really kind person’,‘Being nice, kind and helpful’, ‘Help people up if they’re hurt’ and ‘Generosity’.

See some of the pictures of good friends and labelled key features in our photo gallery.

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