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Within the Brabyns family, we are aware of the challenges faced by our amazing children at the school. Whilst our online provision, alongside the children’s hard work and resilience, has created fantastic opportunities for children to continue their learning whilst at home, the main challenge for our bright faces was their lack of collaboration with their peers.

Welcoming Year 3 back to the classroom after this period was the best and most satisfying moment of my teaching career so far. From the smiley faces and excitable giggles, the importance of the return to school was abundantly clear. When I asked each child in Year 3 about their favourite aspect of being back in school, all of them returned the same answer. - “being with my friends”.

As a result, it was certain that Year 3 would have many opportunities to collaborate and learn alongside each other and gain that sense of community and belonging once again. Therefore, this week we have focused two afternoons on our Geography lessons where Year 3 could work together to investigate, solve problems and learn more about our topic of ‘Extreme Earth’. We had great fun learning about earthquakes. We discussed and investigated the causes of earthquakes as well as exploring the devastation that an earthquake can leave behind. Once we had empathised with countries that have to experience such devastation, Year 3 undertook a Design & Technology project in teams to design and build an ‘Earthquake Proof’ structure. This was great and we had fun testing out our finished products using the Richter Scale.

We have also produced some incredible interactive booklets about different types of mountains. We came together with Year 3 to investigate the name of different types of mountains and how they are formed. Who knew there were so many different types? We then used our new understanding of mountains to create interactive booklets to share with the rest of the class.

Miss Norcliffe, Year 3 Class Teacher

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