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Achieving in Spanish

At Brabyns, Spanish is taught using songs, games and role-play as much as possible so that the children enjoy learning a second language. The children are assessed continuously on their achievements and it is great to witness their progress.

Recently in Kindergarten there are several children who know the days of the week in Spanish Most of the children can count from one to ten in Spanish and know a lot of the colours in Spanish too. Many can sing the songs back and understand what the words mean, which is wonderful progress.

In Reception, the children sing a song about the months of the year and some of the children know the song off by heart and can sing a solo. One child, who came into Reception as a non-speaker, can now sing the whole month song in Spanish without the music! They can also count up to 15 and some up to 20 in Spanish. A superb achievement.

Years 1 and 2 have been learning all about celebrations and different sports this half term. They can now explain when their birthday is and label a picture of a party scene. With the sports, they answer the question ‘¿Qué deporte te gusta?’ (which sport do you like?) with the name of a sport ‘Me gusta ____________.’ (I like ____).

Year 3 & 4 have been studying about their houses and can name some of the rooms in Spanish as well as the furniture in them. In addition, they have also been learning about different modes of transport. They are learning to count from 1 to 50 in order to obtain their tick from the ‘101 things to do before you leave Brabyns.’

Year 5 & 6 have been learning about places in the city for example different shops. Next, they moved on to giving directions to these places in the city. To make it more fun and exciting the children programmed beebots to move through a city giving it directions in Spanish. Moreover, the older children have been practising their conversational skills so that they can use Spanish on holiday and they are becoming much more confident.

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