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Growth Mindset Workshop

This week Year 3 & 4 had the great opportunity to participate in an informative, fun and interactive Growth Mindset Workshop. Throughout the morning the children discussed and took part in activities that related to the following topics:

  1. Why did you come to school today?

During the first part of the workshop, children were asked to consider this question and discussed the importance of having goals and wanting to be successful. This ultimately is what makes us get out of bed in the morning and achieve.

  1. We can learn anything - if we want to

As we moved on, the children participated in learning the ‘pen trick’ to demonstrate that we can learn anything if we really want to. This is a simple trick, however it takes effort and only those who want to learn the trick, will.

  1. Effort always leads to results

This section of the workshop presented an opportunity for Year 3 & 4 to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates us to work hard, get on with others and learn. This was achieved through the children thinking about what success means to them and also what they may want when they are older.

  1. We learn through following a process

To understand the definition of following a process, Year 3 & 4 learnt by ‘doing’. The children followed, step by step, instructions which resulted in learning how to juggle!

  1. Life is a lot easier if you get on with everyone

Year 3 & 4 were given frequent opportunities throughout the workshop to work in teams and develop their communication and leadership skills. It is always wonderful to see them working so well alongside one another.

The workshop successfully offered chances for the children to develop character building behaviours such as: resilience, problem solving, effective communication, willingness to take risks and leading others. Most importantly, it addressed how vital our intrinsic motivation can be in order to drive our learning forward and help us achieve. The workshop was enjoyed by everyone and most importantly every child was able to take valuable lessons away with them.

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