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From Nursery’s recent employment of cuddly toys to help children signify when they are feeling upset, to Reception and their Year 5 buddies. From Year 1 & 2 and Year 3 & 4 working together and supporting each other to produce excellent work, to our fabulous Year 6 Captains & Prefects, who can be seen actively helping younger children at playtimes, it is clear that at Brabyns, we succeed in providing a nurturing environment for each and every child.

In Year 4 in particular, we find lots of opportune moments to discuss our feelings, and think of strategies to help calm us down or resolve a situation in order to create a positive environment that is highly supportive of learning. Recently, we have discussed the importance of kindness and selflessness and what this looks like both in the classroom and around school.

Once we had done this, we completed an activity that allowed the children in Year 4 to display what kind and caring individuals they are. Each child was given a piece of paper, which was stuck to their back, and the children were given time to write something positive, kind and encouraging on each piece of paper. Then, children were able to read out the comments from others they were particularly pleased with. To finish, we discussed how kindness, selflessness and positivity are vitally important, as doing good for others not only feels good but improves our quality of life. The children were all in agreement and it illustrated how wonderful and kind they all are.

‘Nurture’ is certainly woven into the fabric of the Brabyns family.

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