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Year 2 have been exploring poetry. We have shared lots of different poems, taking turns to read some aloud to each other. We read some poems that rhymed, some that were ‘nonsense’ and some that used a repetitive style. We looked at the patterns in each of them, thinking about line length, the content of each line; and discussed the similarities and differences of each poem.

The children all wrote a poem about their holiday. We looked at how important choosing the best word is when you are writing a poem and how you can make your work more dramatic by adding similes.

Here are some of our poems:

On my holiday I got a dog so big

On my holiday my dog so strong and greedy

On my holiday my dog so jumpy and very dark brown

He’s wrecking my house but so very cuddly

On my fun holiday whizz, bang, crash

I jump in the cold swimming pool

On my holiday my sister splish splashed

The sun was shining like a star.

We are now writing our own rhyming couplets to form short stanzas. They will be a lovely addition to our poetry tree display in the classroom.

Year 2 Create poetry using Alliteration.

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