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What a year! Thank you everyone

The end of the year is here, and wow, what a year we’ve had! I am immensely proud as to how we dealt with the situation we were presented with. To finish the year with nearly every child in school, education running relatively normally and with a virtual celebration night to enjoy still, is testimony to all the great things about Brabyns.

Over the last few months the children have been required to adapt to new ways of working, firstly, it was working in lockdown and then working in socially distanced bubbles. They have dealt admirably with changes in routines. Parents have also needed to adjust to the constant presence of their children, something which I know has been a source of both joy and maybe the occasional ‘frustration’. Staff have had to discover and deliver new ways of teaching, learning, supporting and encouraging and I feel we have come out of it in remarkably good shape.

I appreciate the adventure is not quite over and we still have the autumn term to negotiate. Prior to that we now have a few weeks to rest while we take stock and plan accordingly for next year. One thing I think has come of it, there is no more need for snow days!

Many great things have come from the Lockdown. We have learnt to do things differently and this knowledge will be of value as we plan ahead. An exclusive reliance on technology as a means of delivering the curriculum is not something we would ever willingly choose. But lockdown has provided us with an invaluable impetus to re-evaluate our approach and we will be incorporating the best and most useful elements of technology into both our pedagogy and our communications.

Above all, throughout the lockdown period and then through this period where restrictions have been eased, the best has been seen in the Brabyns family. The children’s resilience and adaptability has been magnificent as has the flexibility, ingenuity, and dedication of staff. The past weeks have also demonstrated the extraordinary levels of support that we as a School are fortunate to enjoy from you, our parents. For all your support, and for everything that you have done to demonstrate your faith and support in the School and to encourage us during the most demanding days, I am truly grateful. Thank you.

Enjoy the summer & stay safe.

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