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I have been very impressed with the start to the new year. Brabyns is certainly full of happy, engaged children who enjoy each other's company, are eager to learn and are already achieving lots by taking part in a wide range of opportunities. I have also been really impressed by the attitude of the children, in the way they have adapted to the various measures and routines we have in place to ensure that everyone stays safe. The children are demonstrating true resilience.

I appreciate some of this new process is more challenging for parents, so I would like to take this opportunity to again thank our whole school community for your support, versatility and patience in ensuring everyone in the Brabyns family is safe. Our new measures in place include: adapted classroom layouts, a staggered day, a different timetable structure, increased hand hygiene, rigorous cleaning regimes and adapted teaching - particularly in PE and Performing Arts. The bubble system is working well and we are reviewing this weekly, along with any other measures we may need to adapt or adopt. We’re obviously very keen to get back to as ‘normal’ as we can, whilst being safe and ready should things change. 

Like any start of year there are various ‘new’ things around school. The new members of the Brabyns family have really impressed me and whilst my current lack of mobility has reduced my interactions with them, I can see they have settled in well and our nurturing environment has clearly enabled this to happen. In case you have missed it, we have our new Performing Arts area and we look forward to showing this to you in the coming weeks. The children (and Mr Hall!) have really enjoyed the additional space and facilities. The introduction of the Junior children bringing in their own chromebooks has also certainly added to the education we can deliver. 

We have a very exciting new school development plan which we are keen to share with you over the coming year and this is seeing us look to develop our technology even further with staff being ‘Google Certified’ teachers as we strive to be a ‘Google Reference School’. This will be a great accolade for us, but most notably a great benefit to the children’s learning. We are also reviewing our curriculum provision and look forward to some exciting developments in this, whilst still maintaining all that is great about Brabyns. The other area we are enhancing is the children’s Learning Values. Our family nurturing ethos is well known and clear to see, we are now going to help the children even more by developing a set of learning values they can all relate to and strive to achieve. Certainly exciting times!

The Lockdown period taught us lots of things and I believe we have come out of it a better school. We have all demonstrated so many different qualities, including our forward thinking and proactiveness with a determination to overcome any challenge. This has been evident at the start of the year and I know will continue during the year.

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