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If ever a time of the year epitomised all that we do at Brabyns, it is the first few weeks back after Easter.

The children are all well into the routine of the school year in terms of our expectations of them both behaviourally and work wise, and this allows the extra fun to be had around school whilst maintaining their high work ethic. Normal lessons carry on with all the usual benefits we are able to provide. In addition, the children enjoy a kaleidoscope of activities that really demonstrate the ‘Nurture, Engage and Achieve’ aspects of school life.

Internal assessments for Years 1-6 are currently being completed, and we will be reporting back to you on in due course. These assessments give us national age standardised scores and mean you are fully aware of your child’s ability in various areas compared to both their class and the national average. Scrutinising the data obtained also gives us as school information as a whole school, a set year group and individuals. From this we can then identify the areas in which children flourish, and those that need to be developed further. These assessments are far more meaningful to us (and you) than the SATS that the state schools are busy doing now. We also pass on all the information to the Senior Schools which again provides a bigger picture than the SATS do.

The first of our annual Residentials are well underway; the Year 3 and 4 three day trip to Lockerbrook, has already taken place this term. I believe that these kind of activities give the children the opportunity to develop themselves in so many ways (more about this in my next blog). To see children overcome their fear of abseiling down a 100 foot bridge into a river (and enjoying this achievement) really is something they should be very proud of! I am sure Year 1 and 2 this week and Year 5 and 6 next week, will have as much fun as Year 3 and 4 during their time away.

The Juniors have also enjoyed their Production (Rock Bottom) at New Mills Theatre (see some photos in the photo gallery). This really is an amazing opportunity for all of the children involved, and I am sure all those who came to watch left with a smile on their face and sense of pride in all that the children have achieved. Some may even wish that they’d had the chance to get on stage and perform to such a high standard. The children were fantastic yet again, they really do never cease to amaze me with their confidence and ability to achieve in so many different aspects of life. Those who have music and drama as a strength certainly demonstrated this, while those who were maybe a little more apprehensive overcame their nerves to perform with a smile and display real talent.

Whenever we stage an event (be that a performance, sports match, academic competition or residential - in or out of School) it is incredibly rewarding to see how the children are nurtured to achieve so much in such a wide range of engaging activities. This, in turn, clearly proves that Brabyns is a very special place; ‘Where All Children Flourish’.

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