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The Importance of Listening to Feedback

Feedback as to how we are doing as a School is very important to us and we get it in various ways. Internally we have numerous professional discussions about what we are doing and best practice so we can share ideas (and also to aid consistency). We also discuss things that we feel could be developed further. We have visits from Bellevue, Governance meetings and of course, at various points, inspections.

However, for me the best feedback comes from the children and parents, be that formally through surveys or just from general discussions. I always find it intriguing to find out exactly what our community think about us. Parental feedback is understandably very important to us and we have just had the results back of the parent survey many of you completed earlier in the month. Thank you for the time you spent completing this. We will be going through the results in our next Leadership Meeting and feeding back to staff with your thoughts and comments. I will of course share the results in full with you after Easter when we have digested the information.

Back to the children. As you know they are the most important members of our School community and this was our first full survey of their opinions. We chatted to the children in Year 2 and younger about their suggestions, while the Junior children were given the opportunity to complete a full survey.

At Brabyns we firmly believe that engaging children as active participants in their education and making a positive contribution to our School and local community is vitally important. The children are regularly involved in decision-making, for example; running the School Council and Playground Committee. In fact the Playground Committee came about because we felt the children needed to have clear input on what they wanted at playtimes, rather than decisions being made by us as adults who may be slightly out of touch as to the games they play and the equipment they’d like. Also we know if we get playtime right, it aids the learning in the classroom and consequently raises the academic standards. We find that the children are happier when they have had the chance to play what they want to (and have far less fall outs) resulting in a greater quality of learning time.

The results from the survey will be incorporated into our School Development Plan and we aim to repeat this initiative on a regular basis to ensure that we continue to be effective in meeting the needs of those most important to us.

The survey results highlight the children's enjoyment of School, the high standard of teaching and the opportunities they have to take part in a range of events and activities outside the classroom. All very pleasing to hear!

We received strong results in all areas. The results certainly made interesting reading especially the range of responses to questions which gave us an insight into the children’s learning habits and feelings. The examples below represent the highest percentages of children agreeing with the statement.

The children were also given an opportunity to offer suggestions for how the School could be improved. The most common suggestions can be seen below and will be discussed and followed up in due course.

There were also various individual suggestions, which we will talk about in general to the children, and some which perhaps are not quite feasible (e.g. zip-wire, extend the hall, chocolate fountain (!), or swimming pool).

I will be sharing the results with the children in my first assembly next term and look forward to providing them (and you) with an even better service.

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