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The Benefits of School Residentials

From the idyllic views, to the wealth of activities offered, the Lockerbrook trip of 2021 certainly did not disappoint. For some children this was their first experience of being away from parents, which allowed a fostering of deeper relationships to flourish between both friends and children and their respective teachers.

The Lockerbrook residential certainly offered a wide range of diverse and exciting activities, from developing practical bushcraft skills such as fire lighting and shelter building, to outdoor educational adventures like abseiling, rock climbing, orienteering and problem solving team games. All exciting and fun activities for children to enjoy, but all chosen with specific goals in mind – whether it was confidence building, teambuilding, or encouraging independence. It was a real joy to see the children working together, problem solving and supporting one another in a way that our school would be so proud of. There were also those moments that were rather amusing, like watching the children make their own beds when we arrived!

The diverseness and high quality of the trip meant we could help to make rich experiences and opportunities that create long lasting memories, whilst also enhancing the children’s classroom learning. The residential also promoted the importance of allowing children to connect with the outdoor world, and the powerful and inspirational lessons to be learned by getting children outside.

Below you can find four categories explaining further benefits of school residentials:

All in all, the skills learnt from residentials such as Lockerbrook are paramount to contributing to the growth and development of the skills children obtain during their time at school. What makes this ever sweeter, is that I’m sure the wonderful memories created on trips such as this will stay with the children for years to come.

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