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Thank you, goodbye, best wishes and grasp opportunities

The end of term has been fantastic, notably being able to welcome parents to our showcases. I really hope these were enjoyed by you if you were able to attend, and if not, have been able to watch them on Brabyns TV. (You can watch them by clicking here). The children performed wonderfully, and due to COVID for many it was their first Brabyns performance, and for all of them, their first performance of any kind for over 16 months. The children showed true Brabyns spirit and it was a delight to see them performing so happily. Being able to make these events happen, successfully run our Sports Days and make the Lion King film are real examples of how the school is able to problem solve for the benefit of the children. Add to this the day-to-day teaching plus the events like our fun Picnic Days, walk to the cross, various parties, Nursery parents event - it has been a hectic but beneficial few weeks.

Back to Lion King... just WOW! The children were amazing and all credit to Mr Hall for producing both the performances and then making the film.

We have also successfully run residentials for all children from Year 1 up to Year 6. For these to go ahead was an incredible achievement and testimony to the staff enabling the children to have these wonderful opportunities. I did ‘Vlog’ at the end of the Lockerbrook Trip in case you would like to have a watch.

Just like when we opened our ‘Pop-up School’ last year so all children could return to school, I am very proud of how we found solutions to make things work and put on these events when many other schools weren’t able to provide children with similar opportunities.

Providing opportunities, many of you know, are something I am very passionate about. I have always seen my role as Head to provide these to everyone in the Brabyns community, and of course, the children. Involving parents as much as possible I believe helps everyone and being involved in the community is always fantastic. Hopefully we can get back to doing this next year when restrictions allow. Opportunities for the children is something I spoke about at some of the showcases: whilst we can provide them it is down to the children to grasp them, and that is hopefully something we install in them and something they will remember for the rest of their lives. I often talk to the children about being intrinsically motivated and not doing something just for a reward. This kind of attitude of giving your best is the most any child can do. This, and not being worried about making mistakes, is something I see in so many children and staff at Brabyns.

As I leave, I have hopefully left this imprint on the children and to mark it there is now an annual ‘Grasping Opportunities’ (GO) Award I have presented to the school to recognise someone who does just this throughout the year. I presented it to the first recipient in our final assembly and look forward to hearing from afar the future children who are awarded it - knowing, like this year, there will be so many deserving candidates.

As I sign off for the final time I'd like to thank the incredible support I have had from so many members of the Brabyns family. It is truly humbling to hear some of the things that have been shared with me. The staff also deserve such praise and thanks, Brabyns does have some really wonderful people who continue to go above and beyond for the benefit of the children. I'll also add one final COVID note in that how amazing it is throughout the pandemic and return to school we haven't had a case in school meaning uninterrupted education and opportunities for the children with no bubbles having to stay at home. I wonder how many other schools can say that?

Finally, though, it is to the children I owe my biggest thanks, for letting me share their School and be part of their journey. I will remember everyone one of them, like I do the previous 3000 plus children. Brabyns has been a wonderful place to work and an environment I am very proud of. The children have always been at the core of everything I have done.

Thank you and best wishes

Lee / Mr S. / Mr Sanders

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