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Taking over the Top Floor by Mr Hall

Over the summer, the top floor of the Junior Building has seen a significant transformation, with the installation of a new recording booth, the acquisition of what was the Computer Suite, as well as a wall or two taken down to enable the use of what was once corridor space.

The 1 2 1 Recording Studio, as it’s now known, is a great addition, and a completely new usable space for the children. It used to be a stock room, which just needed a little sorting out, and some of the ‘stock’ rehoming! A window has been installed in the wall, eventually enabling the children to become familiar with music technology, some at the computer one side of the window, and one or two recording in the studio. The name 1 2 1 has merit in terms of its practical use, but also because we have been able to create it this year, the 121st anniversary of this school.

The original music room now has more space, and will accommodate larger ensembles easily. It was always rather cramped before, and with the enthusiasm for the arts already great, and constantly growing, this will enable more rehearsal time as we won’t have to move anything to set up. This room has also been renamed; The 1899 Performing Arts Suite.

What was the Computer Suite that was is now filled with brand new keyboards, each with two sets of headphones so the children are able to work in pairs without disturbing anyone else. The room looks great and is a real asset to the school. We have a growing set of instruments which full classes can access. The ukuleles are well used, as well as the recorders, percussion sets, and now the keyboards! Year 6 have been the first class to use the new keyboards and are developing their skills. Quite a rewarding experience if one has never played a keyboard or even read music! This room has been named the Carolyn Burdett Music Lab; a room full of new equipment and technology.

Carolyn Burdett was the daughter of a lady called Mary. Sadly Carolyn passed away in 2016 at the age of 46. Carolyn loved music and singing, and Mary wanted to use some of the money that Carolyn had to support the arts here at Brabyns. I would like to personally thank Mary for making this money available for equipment and resources to enhance our children’s education in memory of Carolyn.

Please find some photos of the new Performing Arts areas here, as well as a couple of pictures of 'Boyz Choir' and the fabulous drumming workshop all the Juniors took part in.

Mr Hall

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