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Spanish Blog – by our Spanish Specialist Senior Infante

Apreciados Padres – Dear Parents

I really enjoy my day a week working with every child in the Brabyns family. We have been covering a lot of different topics since this year and have continued to develop our Spanish speaking and writing through a lot of different types of activities and games that are all great fun as well!

It is great seeing the Nursery and Reception children enjoying the songs, games and noises that animals make when we learnt about them. Their little faces looking at you in awe always makes me smile as does how they like saying “Elefante” as it can easily be mistaken for “Infante”!

Year 1 and 2 had learnt some new vocabulary and I really hope that they can ask you for “los tomates, las patatas, las zanahorias, …” so, parents keep checking your Spanish just in case!

In the Spanish lessons with Years 3 and 4 we manage to write small sentences and click here to see some samples of some work that they have done. They can describe animals and people in an easy way and we need to remember that for some this is a challenge for them as doing it in foreign language.

In Year 5 initially the children have been describing the planets and the children have been challenging me with topic and their knowledge of it! As we know things are changing, so “¿Cuántos planetas hay?” I leave this question for you. This has been an interesting topic where children are capable to use their vocabulary and describe in this case, the planets.

We moved on from that planets to the body and we started to describe people too (we call it monsters for the time being!) what we are aiming to describe people in a detailed way, with a wider use of language.

Finally, in Year 6 we have recently been learning things related with the past. This has challenged some, while others have found the language similarities have made it easier for them to understand; we all learn languages in a different way. Some of the children composed really good power point presentations about how their cities were in the past and how they are now, in order to work with the present and of course the past. We are now recently starting to see how children used to dress in the sixties and compare that to how they dress now. All this work will certainly be a great foundation for them when they develop their language skills at Senior School.

As always if you would like to find some more free Spanish tips and resources online you are welcome to check our website and look at our blog.

Thanks for all your support.

Apreciadamente / Kindly

Senior Infante

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