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Well we are half-way through the week here over in France and what an amazing time the children are having. It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful experience it is for the children in so many ways. The things they find out about themselves and variety of achievements – both skiing and non-skiing related are truly amazing.

Everyone has fallen over and bounced back up with a smile on their face, and all of the children have also made great technical progress over the first three days. They have all also managed to be on time for every lesson with the right equipment, which is always one of the hardest challenges!

The children are a credit themselves, the School and family with their behaviour, social interaction and friendliness (we encourage them to talk to others, obviously in a safe way, and this has been commented on), and their attitude towards giving it a go.

Remember to follow the @BPS_Residential Twitter feed and Facebook for photos. As yet videos of any length are proving beyond us due to the hotel blocking video sharing sites due to download speeds. Hopefully we will solve that at some point. We still have night skiing, the day trip out and talent show to come, and most importantly a birthday to celebrate!

Day 0 – Saturday

Flight was great as was the transfer, we got to the hotel around 9pm and quickly sorted dinner and our skis and semi-sorted our clothes.






(Note ESa joined the other girls room on Tuesday as a planned move)

Day 1 – Sunday

First day skiing

Children were split into groups with our 3 instructors Eric, Laurent & Sihamme (Sisi)

Laurent – LD, TS, CM, JS, SSa

Eric – ES, TW, MM, PL, BF, EEP

Sisi – SSa, AJ, BM, SC, AS, CB, WC

They all had a great day, it snowed a fair bit and they have had the most snow here in a long time according to the instructors.

Laurent’s group made good progress on the Nursery slopes and mastered the art of turning and stopping!

At night time we had a ‘Skitle’ drive and played some girls v boys games, including guess who it is, I love you and the tights game – great fun. (The girls won BTW).

Day 2 - Monday

The day the children made so much progress, with them all getting their ‘ski-legs’. The beginners made it to the main slope, doing lots of runs and having one-to-one coaching from Laurent, while the others safely went up and down. Eric’s group made it to the neighbouring village - it's amazing three of the group have never been on a ski trip before, they are doing brilliantly - while Sisi’s group went to the top of the resort and found some amazing off-piste snow.

We to the village to see what it has to offer in the afternoon and then it was bum boarding ion the slopes at night, as well as playing in and throwing some snow of course!

Day 3 – Tuesday

We still haven’t really seen the sun, but we have skied through clouds and above them which the children have really enjoyed. It continues to snow (10cm fell over night) and the conditions are great.

Sisi’s group went on the slalom course and did some jumps. They’ll be doing the course timed on Thursday. Laurent’s group are now chairlift experts and have made it down the higher slopes lots of times. Eric’s group could also now be classed as experts with them all regularly parallel skiing and showing ever improving technique.

We went swimming in the snow straight after the afternoon lesson, which was great and included two special frogs leg races as well as handstand competitions and various other games and races – all won by the children to the annoyance of the staff!

In the evening we had a boys night of pool and fusbal while the girls played some games upstairs and had a little party.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Perfect conditions today with bright sunshine and amazing snow. It really was a glorious day that let the children enjoy all the amazing views and go all over the resort. Skiing was much easier with visibility perfect and the snow beautiful to ski on. The children got to see the camel/frog/cat shaped mountain that caused much discussion and some even saw Mont Blanc.

Skiing wise everyone is now turning with confidence and the majority are parallel skiing across the pistes and sometimes in to turns. They all tried jumps today as well as skiing through the tress which they loved, and a few races. The Jump park was also visited wit the children loving going over the big and small jumps as well as the ‘rails’.

A fantastic day.

At night we went skiing again with our torches as we led the whole resort down the mountain and then got to see some LED skiers come down and watch the fireworks. A great end to a wonderful day.

Oh and that’s not to mention someone’s Birthday! He had a fab day and everyone treated him like a King, (it’s amazing everyone in the resort seemed to know he was 11 today!) Highlights included a supervise party from his Year 6 friends, birthday cake, presents, the room and decorated with posters made by the children and getting to be the ski leader all day, including the leader of the whole torch lit descent with his own massive torch.

Day 5 – Thursday

What a difference in the weather! Lots of snow, especially in the afternoon, meant great snow but visibility was a little tricky. The morning saw Sihamme’s group take on the slalom course, and all the children had the chance to demonstrate their skills, which they did very well. The other two groups went to various new slopes in the resort and did some off-piste skiing and mini jumps as well. They’re all ready for the trip out tomorrow.

After an afternoon trip to the arcade, we spent the evening having Girls v Boys part 2. With various games and a quiz. Ski socks have never been used for so many games (they were the ‘ball’ for games of basketball, ten pin bowling, curling etc).

All children are having a great time, behaving well, if a little tired.

Friday night is the talent show and then the Ski Tucker challenge (Frogs Legs & Snails)

More to follow, so please do check back to this Blog for the latest updates check out our Ski Trip 2018 Image Gallery for photos from the trip.

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