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School Development Plan and the development of Technology through the school

Technology has been a big part of our everyday lives for a long time now, but who would have thought when March 2020 arrived, just how technology would change the world during COVID-19.

So many companies were challenged to quickly adapt to this new world, and for some schools what a huge task this was. How could we use technology to support education? The resounding feedback from parents and the children at Brabyns is that we did this really well. We are incredibly proud of our hard-working, committed staff during these difficult times and I don’t think we could ever say enough 'thank-yous' to cover how much we appreciate them and their commitment to learning.

When school finally returned to some form of new ‘normality’ we have considered how much we all learnt and grew from the experience and how some of what we used could actually be beneficial in this new era of schooling. At Brabyns there are three ‘strands’ to our 2020/21 Development Plan and of those, one is ‘Developing the use of Technology’.

Moving forward we would like to work on how we can use technology in daily school life. We benefit as being a part of Bellevue Education as we work alongside Mr Adam Atkinson, who is the Head of Digital Development in the group and has been to Brabyns a number of times to work with the children and teachers (as well as a parent workshop at the beginning of 2020). Our Computing lead in school, Miss Norcliffe also has a wealth of knowledge and is always on hand to support staff...including when technology doesn’t always quite go to plan!

Mr Atkinson has supported staff in their own technological skills and we now have 10 members of staff busily training to become Google Educators - we will let you know how they get on in due course. Our overall aim is for staff and children to be suitably equipped for the technological demands of society.

The other strand to this target is how we can actually use technology to create a three-way partnership between the children, teachers and parents. As you may be aware we are moving to using Google Classroom as a way of sharing increased information and learning with parents, but there is still more we can do to develop this space!

Janine Sharp (Deputy Head)

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