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Results of Parent Survey 2022

Thank you to all of you who responded to the recent annual parent survey. We use the data to support the forward planning of the school. Your feedback is invaluable and complements the feedback we receive via our regular contact with you. I am always appreciative of this as it helps inform our planning and ensures we are working closely with you, so thank you for your time and effort in delivering this to us.

Strengths of Brabyns Preparatory School

The parent community are very satisfied with school life at Brabyns Preparatory School, with the vast majority of parents describing the school as happy, friendly and nurturing with a focus on providing the very best learning experience for all the children in its care.

There is a very clear sense of what most parents regard as the primary strengths of the school. The most common responses were:

The following table lists the questions which achieved the highest satisfaction ratings:

Question% who graded strongly agree or agree
My child enjoys learning100%
My child enjoys coming to school and learns in a safe environment99%
The school ensures that pupils treat others with respect99%
The school actively promotes values of democracy, respect and tolerance of other people99%
The school is safe and welcoming, and safeguards my child effectively97%
The range of subjects, including any online learning, is suitable for my child97%
The school actively promotes good behaviour97%
The school treats children fairly, regardless of their sex, faith, race or needs97%

Priorities for Academic Year 2022/23

As a school, we really appreciate the time it took you to complete the survey and can assure you that responses to each question have been carefully reviewed.

As you can imagine, parental responses in this section was broad and diverse. Where it was possible to identify trends, the most common areas identified as requiring development and areas to consider for our School Development Plan next year, and to continue to improve our educational offer:

Communicating effectively with parents: Changes to this area since the inception of the School Development Plan have included the introduction of parental ‘Book Looks’ during the Spring Term. These have enabled the children to showcase their learning and take ownership of this by sharing it with their parents. We are now looking to ensure ‘Book Looks’ are firmly in the school calendar and aim to identify more opportunities for parents to see what their child has been learning in school.

As you are aware, each Friday we send all parents an email that provides highlights of what has been happening in the school throughout the week. Attached to this weekly communication is the ‘Week Ahead at a Glance’ to furnish you with information about the following week, plus providing key dates in the calendar for the term ahead, to allow you to plan accordingly. We have now added to this, links to letters that have been recently sent to parents links to the clubs the children can attend and a link to the lunch menu.

Additionally, it is the school’s intention to update the school website, including the way in which we share general information in the Parent Area. This process will start in the summer, with the focus on the new website being available by the end of 2022.

The relaunch of the Parent-Teacher Association in the Summer Term will look to include ‘Class Representative’ roles, with the goal to enhance communications between the school and individual classes/year groups.

A few parents stated there was inconsistency in the communication standards and response time among the school staff. This has been addressed with Brabyns staff.

Further Head Forums will be added to the annual diary to enable parents to discuss any school matters with me, though as always, I operate an open door policy and welcome visits and phone calls from parents as and when they feel they have something to discuss.

School Premises: A small number of parents mentioned that the school buildings and grounds are needing attention. As you can appreciate, the buildings date back to approximately the 1950s when the building became a school. A maintenance plan is currently being created and comments have been passed to Bellevue, via the Education Director for Brabyns, Mr David Williams.

Staffing: Comments regarding staffing were raised by a few parents. These comments have been taken on board and given careful consideration. Further details of the staffing structure at Brabyns will follow in due course.

I hope that this is all good news. It comes as a direct result of your input, for which I am extremely grateful. Your feedback and honesty has been exceptionally useful to me as ‘the new Head’, so thank you!

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the survey results, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Mrs L McKenna, Headteacher

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