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Nurturing in the Nursery

At Brabyns, we nurture our children through a warm, safe, family atmosphere. Reception children have a Year 5 Buddy and throughout the School our children benefit from ‘circle time,’ which helps develop a wide range of skills and attitudes, such as confidence, self-esteem, communication, as well as developing moral and spiritual values.

In Nursery, the two Year 6 Nursery Prefects visit regularly. This helps promote the children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  

Looking after our School pets, ‘Gorky’ (the tortoise), ‘Flopsy’ (the rabbit) and ‘Rainbow’ (the fish) teaches the children compassion, mutual respect and the importance of responsibility.

In Nursery, we have also been following the children’s interest, to promote and nurture their home and School interests. The Kindergarten children have been interested in role play, imitating grown ups. This has included the Kindergarten children gently stroking the younger children to help them relax during ‘sleepy time. It’s very cute!

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