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I certainly never considered that I’d be away from the Brabyns family for over 2 months and that we’d be living in a world as it is today. Clearly we all miss the ‘old world’ lots and are all looking forward to returning to being together for a normal school life of enlightening lessons, a chat on the astroturf, a Mrs Bailey lunch, a play in the BFG, a game of sport;  even my assemblies may be eagerly awaited!

One thing the situation has shown me is how resilient our children (and adults!) are. As you know, resilience is an area for us to develop in the children and it is wonderful so many of them really blossoming in this area. We were quite new to the Google technology we had at school and though we were embracing it, we certainly weren't aware of it’s full capacity - we had lots to learn! Initially it was the staff who really stepped up to the mark, quickly upskilling and leading by example with their own growth mindset. They truly have done a remarkable job and I thank them all (click to view). Time in front of a screen is certainly not easy for teachers that are used to being so active, but they have produced work that is both challenging and engaging, and are frequently reassessing what they are doing by taking in feedback from others and bettering themselves everyday. The children have followed suit progressing their own growth mindset and have developed a whole new skill set through their determination and open mindedness. The technology is great but sometimes it can be frustrating, and it is delightful to hear the stories of children achieving so many different feats. A massive high 5 to them all (click to view).

Any challenge always brings with it opportunity and certainly everyone in the Brabyns community has grasped the opportunity to enhance so many different technical and emotional skills. Hearing and seeing the children online is delightful and we are very blessed to be able to have the amazing technology that has enabled us to meet virtually, whilst still delivering an engaging curriculum and take part in so many fun activities. It has also been a great opportunity for parents to see first hand all the things their child can do. The video links below are just a very small snippet of some of things that we have done (click on the links to view for yourselves), there are of course so many more examples from the lessons and work posted on the children’s virtual classrooms.

Our virtual sleepover epitomised so much that Brabyns has to offer, with the staff determined to let the children have some kind of enjoyable and engaging ‘residential’ following the cancellation of them. I hope everyone fully enjoyed it and the follow up work. If you missed the Camp song you can have a family sing along here. While all the Brabyns Has Talent videos are on Brabyns TV, this was a great opportunity to see such a range of different talents that the virtual nature of it allowed. We certainly have some very talented children (but maybe one adult entry deserved the red ‘X’ buzzer!)

Like everyone, I miss the real world. I look forward to returning to it to hear the joyful noise of our school full of children and see children enjoying Brabyns life. In the meantime, a thank you to everyone in the Brabyns family for all they have done during this challenging time. It has been so pleasing to witness.

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