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Inspiring Sports Captains at Brabyns

On Celebration Night last year, the Sports Captains were being announced and it felt great to hear my name as I love sport!

This year, it has been fun introducing all the new sports equipment to everyone and getting the new outdoor speakers for wake up, shake up. Sometimes we get nervous when we are stood in front of all the children but it is great fun and a good way to wake yourself ready for the day and has helped give me more confidence. We added something new this year when we had the idea that if it’s your birthday, you get to come and lead wake up, shake up with us if you want to - because we are all part of the one big Brabyns family!

At Brabyns, we enjoy many different sports like football, rounders, tennis, lacrosse, hockey, cricket, basketball, netball, athletics, dance, gymnastics, ringo, dodgeball, swimming, Outdoor Adventure. I try all the sports possible, as I like being active.

I have really enjoyed representing Brabyns at lots of different sports fixtures. I was the only girl in the rugby tournament and I was really proud to make tackles, and to score a try. I have also liked hitting sixes at cricket and leading dances, but most of all being part of a team.

We have had a lot of fun as Sports Captains. The best thing has been playing so many different sports and fixtures; I’ve played in over ten different sports teams! I will miss it when I go to my high school.

I hope all the children have enjoyed doing the exercises with me and that I have helped encourage everyone to play sport.

Sports Captain Blog by AS

When I became Sports Captain at Celebration Night last year, I was so happy.

As Sports Captains, we get to captain the sports teams, sort out equipment and kit and help out at events. We are also responsible for leading the ‘wake up, shake up’ in the morning to get everyone (including teachers and parents!) warmed up and ready for the day. We have created a routine of exercises including stretching, jumping and running on the spot.

Being a Sports Captain is great fun and any future Sports Captain will love it.

Sports Captain Blog by AH

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