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Thoughts for the New Year

We have had a lovely first couple of weeks of the new year. It’s a tricky time for all coming back after Christmas after late nights and disrupted routine, but the children have settled in well.

The Year 6’s have nearly finished their Independent School exams (just one exam to go) then it is on to any interviews they may be called for, before finding out in March which Schools they will be offered. This week the children have had mock interviews with me to help them prepare and ensure they can put themselves over in the best possible way; all part of our Senior School transition preparation.

My assemblies so far this term have focussed on children’s “Individual Liberty”, with the children reflecting on their aims for the year, who their heroes are and how they can be a hero, and ‘honesty’. I use my assemblies in various ways to get messages and morals over to the children and more importantly to give them the chance to discuss and form their own opinions to help them make the right decisions in life. The base of an assembly may come from religious (incorporating different religions) stories from the past or stories I find or create to support a point, with the emphasis on getting the children to think for themselves. They also incorporate British Values.

The honesty assembly this week linked in to the Senior School exam process and was based around the moral: ‘Is it best to do something fairly to the best of your capability, than to cheat and be awarded a prize’. My final question for the children to ponder is below - it brought up some interesting thoughts! Chat it through with your child/ren.

You are asked to complete a project on Victorians as a group of four, with the main success criteria being teamwork and all contributing fairly. Two of you are much more knowledgeable than the other two, so do all the work. When you hand in the project, Mr Higgins the teacher gives you all 20 House Points.

Questions we then discussed were: Is this fair? Is it cheating? Who is the cheat? Should you own up?

This week’s ‘Would you rather?’ on the Friday Note is also based on honesty. These are always great for discussion with the children to develop their reasoning and debating skills. I hope you enjoy reading them and discussing them as a family. I also hear from some children that they then make up their own, which is great!

I know our children frequently demonstrate that they do their best honestly in all they do and are heroes in so many ways, which is what makes being part of the Brabyns family such a pleasure.

Lee Sanders, Headteacher

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