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How We Engage Children in Learning

To ensure all children are enthusiastic about their School life lots of factors are needed, for example: a knowledgeable, enthusiastic teacher; memorable and practical opportunities; and resilience, understanding that if at first you don’t succeed, that is fine, knowing there is a helping hand to guide you in the right direction. 

As with many young learners, their experiences of life can be pretty limited and we can unintentionally make assumptions that a child has access to all that we as adults have. At Brabyns, we do our utmost to make our children’s learning relevant and interesting.

We give opportunities for the children to have first hand, practical experiences that build the foundations to a lifelong love of learning new things. 

We also frequently ‘check-in’ with the children to ensure we are pitching lessons at the appropriate level and the children have a clear understanding of what is expected of them.  The children are excited about the wonder around them, and they can’t wait for their next day in School.

A wonderful example of this is our weekly Forest School Activities, where we take the children out into our local parks in order for them to experience the crinkling sound of fallen Autumnal leaves under their feet.  To witness the swollen rivers after a heavy rainfall or to see the amazing colours of nature all around them.  Learning this way helps to secure that feeling that what they are doing is not abstract but an essential part of life.

Click here to see some more photos from our Forest School Activities!

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