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Another Great Year

Another great year at Brabyns is nearly complete, with many achievements and so much enjoyment had by all.

The Brabyns family has grown significantly during the year, taking us to the highest number of children we’ve had in recent years (including a full Nursery) – a capacity which is testimony to all the wonderful things that Brabyns has to offer!

I hope whatever role you have, you feel that way too and are aware of all the amazing things that happen here on a day-to-day basis. It is the day-to-day lessons and activities that make Brabyns so special, coupled with the memorable ‘large scale’ events that run throughout the year. The individual care and attention afforded to each child along with their every-day engagement and achievement is fantastic to witness. I regularly see how every child in the Brabyns family has benefited tremendously from the personalised nurturing support they receive during the year, whilst also enjoying so many opportunities.

Our nurturing ethos is at the core of all we do and this is perfectly demonstrated by our Year 5 and Reception buddies. Both classes gain so much from this partnership and it is a joy to see the way the Brabyns family works and how all of the children (whatever their age) interact and care for each other. This year we have also progressed the resilience aspect of our nurturing approach, with more and more children coping well with the ‘Learning Pit’ challenges that a highly effective learner comes across and combats.

In terms of the engaging activities around School, trips continue to benefit and supplement the children’s education and development. These are an integral part of the children’s education, providing lasting memories to support their work and reflect upon in general. Other valuable experiences in school include; Year 6 ‘Debates’ on various subjects, with parents also invited to get involved. Our eldest class have also had the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills in our ‘grow a fiver’ challenge, and saw them (as a class) make a 500% profit.

Our sports and performing arts calendars have continued to offer a varied range of activities for all the children. It is a pleasure to see children playing and performing confidently to such a high standard, and having the opportunity to represent the School. For those who saw ‘Rock Bottom’ this year at New Mills, I’m sure you were all impressed by the show as a whole, and particularly by those who find performing out of their ‘comfort zone’.

Our engaging residential programme works alongside our core lessons and trips, and is replicated by many other Schools. The Year 1 children enjoyed their first sleepover with their friends in Year 2. Year 3 and 4 had an amazing time at Lockerbrook with some fantastic individual achievements, including every child abseiling off a 75 foot bridge, and some into water! While the Year 5 and 6 children took part in a variety of educational and recreational activities in Llandudno. These were supplemented by the Junior Ski Trip to France, which was a truly amazing experience for all involved. Lots of these activities go towards our ‘101 Things to Achieve Before Leaving Brabyns’. We’ve also embellished our curriculum in many ways this year, with Mr Hall joining us in November as Music and Drama Specialist and Miss Evans returning as Reception teacher to further enhance our provision.

Our Year 6 children leave us having had a wonderful start to their School lives and education, some having been with us for 9 years. I know they will take with them so many happy memories and the foundation for a successful, enjoyable and fulfilling future: and possibly most importantly, the confidence to know they can do anything. They have all worked to the best of their capabilities, with some sitting independent school exams (with an excellent pass rate and Scholarships offered), and others moving on to local Senior Schools. A great and resilient work ethic is something we aim to instil in every child, along with the capacity to achieve their goals. If everyone embraces this philosophy, in my eyes, they are all a big success. We’ve hopefully given them the foundations to do what they want in life and overcome the various challenges that they may experience. Talking to previous leavers, many have reported back that our work at Brabyns has helped them achieve a particular goal after they’d left us. Year 6 will always be members of the Brabyns family and are welcome back to see us any time. They are great role models for our Nursery and Reception children and it is reassuring to know that the younger members of the Brabyns family can aspire to be like their elders as they progress through the School.

I regularly tell the children that Brabyns is their School and I want to ensure they have the opportunity to mould it in the way that fits them and their needs. It is always lovely to hear the numerous visitors appreciate the special atmosphere in School. Many an adult says they wish they had had these opportunities as a child and could have come to Brabyns. It goes without saying that the children are an integral part to the success of the School. We, as a staff and parents, are here to provide the opportunities we can, but it is up to the children to grasp them and make the best of them, both in and out of the classroom.

Brabyns is a wonderful place to be a child, to work, and hopefully, you feel, to be a parent. We can all be rightly proud of our input into making it such a special place, and it really is a privilege to see it first-hand every day. I thank you for your continued support. As always, a great big thank you to the children, and of course to the staff, who are wonderful and frequently go above and beyond and to put the interests of the children in the Brabyns family first.

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