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This term seems to have gone so quickly and, as always, the children have achieved so much. Every individual can be proud of the progress they have made and I am sure that the children have great memories of the various events and lessons they have been engaged in; including the ones which they have found the work very challenging and are out of their ‘comfort zone’. 

The children are showing they can cope with this more and more, demonstrating increased resilience with the support of our nurturing staff. This resilience is one of the keys aspects to a growth mind-set, and being able to achieve their very best.

The achievements they have made, both individual and collective, are testament to the children and staff’s enthusiasm, engagement, ability and commitment. Brabyns is a very special place to be a part of, and this is especially highlighted at the Christmas period as we reflect on the term’s achievements and enjoy all the Christmas festivities together as one big family.  

I thoroughly enjoyed the EYFS (and one member of Year 6, who showed true Brabyns spirit) nativity last week, and I know that the Christmas service on Wednesday will, as usual, be a wonderful end to the term.

I wish everyone in the Brabyns family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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