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2017: An Exciting Year Ahead

The new calendar year brings with it new resolutions for us all and lots of excitement that lies ahead.

In School that may be set lessons, events (such as our School production at new Mills Theatre or Sports Day at Stockport Harriers), trips (such as our range of residentials; including the first Sleepover for Year 1 & 2 and the ski trip to France) or other aspects of School life that the children are looking forward to. For our Year 6’s that may be the transfer to Senior School, and our Nursery children are already looking towards moving from our Nursery up to our Reception Class and ‘Big School’.

As always School life is very exciting and we are able to provide the children with such a wide range of opportunities to engage in, whilst developing their love of learning and academic achievements.

On our start of term training day (which already seems a long time ago!) as staff we reviewed our School Development Plan, what we had achieved and had completed, and what we were ahead of or on course for completing, as well as the upcoming aspects of the plan and any areas we have needed to amend. It was rewarding for all to review the developments we had made.

Often for parents these developments are not initially visible, as it is work that goes on ‘in the background’, so I thought I’d highlight just a few aspects for you which are mainly linked to the ‘Excellence Throughout the Curriculum’ section:

The previous aspects are just a small part of the overall developments at Brabyns and I hope it helps give you a clear picture as to what we are doing to ensure the very best education for your child. I look forward to updating you further over the remainder of the year.

We also started a Coaching programme with our teaching staff last term which is being rolled out with all our teachers, with the purpose to further develop how we inspire children learn (as opposed to just how we teach; there is a difference, but that may be another blog!) This coaching programme has seen Bellevue Education Director Sam Selby spending one-to-one time with teachers over the previous and current terms. It is based around John Hattie’s 8 mind-frames for successful teaching, which can be viewed here. There are some interesting points which as a staff we discussed and decided upon the ones we thought were most prominent.

So, 2017 promises to be an exciting year as we further develop how we help the children achieve their aspirations. All this will of course be done within our nurturing family atmosphere where every child is given the opportunity to flourish.

As always if you have any feedback, or further suggestions for our Development plan, please come and see me.

Happy 2017!

Mr Sanders, Headteacher

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