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Online Learning Information

Please also see the resources available on the pupil landing page which are fully accessible for all children to use at home when they are logged in on their school account.

CAT Scores

Your child's Cognitive Abilities Test scores explained.

Safer Internet Use

Child Safe Use Guide

Parent Safe Use Guide

Child Safe Use Acceptance Form


How to access the Google Classroom - screen video

Parents' Guide to Google Classroom - PDF presentation

Uploading Work to the Google Classroom

How to Add Grid View to Google Meets

Adding an Attachment to an Assignment on Google Classroom

Uploading work as a google slide on the Google Classroom

How to use Purple Mash

How to talk to your child about Coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Learning


Below are various sites that you may find beneficial to use with you child, especially if they are having to work from home.




BBC Bitesize - various resources Games
Free 30 day trial of ebooks age 12 and under
Oak National Online Academy - numerous resources for different subjects number bond app
Phonics play free during epidemic

Twinkl: resources for all

Maths activity hub with videos

-> set up your own class

Variety of English games for all ages

Packs for all age phases with a range of curriculum coverage

Home learning packs for Juniors ready to downloads

Songs to support learning

‘Getting Back to School’ Parent Guide.
Virtual Tours & Trips
Information for setting up parental controls on devices this Christmas https://www.internetmatters.or...

Termly Plans

For the Planning overviews for the term for each year group see the 'Current Studies' page under the relevant section of the website

Other Information


Reception – First 100 hundred words

Year 1 & 2 - First 300 hundred words

Year 3 & 4 – Statutory words from National Curriculum

Year 5 & 6 – Statutory words from National Curriculum

You may wish to work with your child/children on learning or securing their spelling of these words. They will also continue to study the words in School as appropriate.

We also hold an annual Spelling Bee where the aim is to promote Spelling within the School and support the children's learning and progress in spelling. The words the children will be challenged with are taken from the most frequently used word lists above.

Some Handy Hints

To read our latest Parent Resource blogs click here.


During the Summer term PSHCEE lessons from Reception to Y6 will include Sex and Relationships Education (SRE). Brabyns is pleased to be using an up-to-date resource called, ‘Teaching SRE with Confidence in Primary Schools,’ a comprehensive and inclusive resource for teachers and other professionals working in a primary school. It is produced by the Christopher Winter Project. You can find a link to the schemes of work below. Each link provides an overview for each class, and examples of the vocabulary to be introduced and used. If you would like to know any more about the learning that will take place please contact your child’s class teacher, who will be happy to explain further.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Computing & E-Safety Information

Click here for information regarding Digital Parenting

Information from the E-Safety Parent Workshop held in January 2020


Apps Information

Parent Information Poster

Blue Sky Video

CAT (Cognitive Abilities Test) Guides

Please click here for information on CAT and here to watch a short video on Brabyns TV explaining CATs

Guided Reading

Reading really is amazing, and is the key which unlocks the door to education. In a bid to improve the children’s reading skills, a new Guided Reading policy was introduced at the start of 2017/18. The purpose of the policy was to further enhance our teaching of reading, especially in terms of encouraging, developing and extending independent reading skills. Read the latest Guided Reading Policy here.

We know that parents like to help their children however they can. Please find the following suggested questions and activities, which support Guided Reading. These questions and activities will be beneficial for developing your child/children’s independent reading skills.

Guided Reading - Help for Parents

Learning Pit

We often talk to the children about being in the ‘Learning Pit’ when they are working and this is a journey for them to climb out of to develop their understanding and in doing so they may make mistakes. Copies of this are up in classrooms and a copy of it can be viewed here.

Individual Liberty Assemblies

Children have been reflecting on their aims for the year (Click here) who their heroes are and how they can be a hero and honesty. I use my assemblies in various ways to get messages and morals over to the children and more importantly to give them the chance to discuss and form their own opinions to help them make the right decisions in life. The base of the assembly may come from religious (incorporating different religions) stories from the past, stories I find or make up to support a point with the emphasis always to get the children to think for themselves. They also incorporate British Values.

The honesty assembly this week linked in to the Senior School exam process and was based around the moral: is it is best to do something fairly to the best of you capability, than to cheat and be awarded a prize. My final question for the children to ponder is below – it brought up some interesting thoughts! Chat it through with your child/ren.

You are asked to complete a project on Victorians as a group of 4, with the main success criteria being teamwork and all contributing fairly. 2 of you are much more knowledgeable than the other 2 so do all the work. When you hand in the project Mr Higgins the teacher gives you all 20 House Points.

Questions we then discussed were - Is this fair? Is it cheating? Who is the cheat? Should you own up?

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