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Our Holiday Activity Camp provision enables us to offer all year round care, offering action-packed, fun-filled days for children aged 2 to 11 during the School holidays. 

This year we will be working in partnership with Little Sports Coaching (LSC) so we can offer the children even more engaging opportunities during the holidays.

Our Camps for the EYFS (Nursery children and Reception may chose this or the LSC Camps) will remain largely unchanged. These will mainly be led by School staff in a variety of activities and based in the Nursery classroom whilst utilising all the facilities in School. The Camp will run from 8am until 5:30pm. Booking is via the Little Sports website. The timetable will be shared with Nursery and Reception parents in the week leading up to the Camp, but will include, craft, cooking, games and sport as well as child initiated time. Please note, there is now an age limit due to staffing and ratio restrictions, and only 2 year olds that attend Brabyns may book on this course.

For Year 1-6 children, and Reception children may choose this option as well if they prefer, there will be 3 different activities on offer each day – Football, Multi-sports and gymnastics. You may choose a full week of one, or try different days of each. Please find more details on the Little Sports website  about the kind of activities available. Sessions will be led by their qualified coaches, with the Camp day running from 9:30am-3:30pm, but you can also book in pre-camp and after-camp care with them (alongside our EYFS children from 8am in the morning and until 5:30pm after school - you choose this option on the website when you have booked your day/s).

Activity Camp is run by members of the School's staff team with additional professional coaching staff from LSC . The activity streams are overseen by our Headteacher, Mr Sanders, and are supported by members of Nursery and other School staff. To gain an insight into Activity Camp watch the short video below.

Dates & Times

2019.20 Activity Camp Dates

21 October - 1 November 2019

17-21 February 2020

6-17 April 2020

25 May - 5 June 2020

17 July - 14 August 2020

Please note:  Activity Camp does not run over the Christmas Holidays, Bank Holidays or for the last 2 weeks of the Summer Break.

Note all bookings must be done online and via the Little Sports Website.

To Book

Go to the Little Sports Website https://www.littlesportscoachi...  – choose to book (first time you will need to register your email address)


EYFS Booking - only available for Brabyns  children 

Choose EYFS Multi Activity and then the day/s you would like.

Year 1-6 Booking

Chose the type of activity you would like to book for (there is the chance to change these during camp if numbers dictate). Cost for the 9:30am-3:30pm day is £18

Then choose if you need EMDO (Early Morning Drop Off, £3) or LPU (Late Pick Up, £5) and check out as needed.


Payment will then need to be confirmed to book your places. You can still use any childcare vouchers, just choose the relevant one from the drop down menu.

If you have already paid annually then you will receive separate information as to how to proceed with your booking.


Children still need to bring their own lunches, snacks and drinks and suitable clothing, (including coats, caps, gloves, sun-cream etc as the weather dictates). Please remember all food needs to be nut free. Any medical details should be noted when booking, confirmed with the appropriate staff and inhalers etc left with them. 

A few reminders that still apply

Food & Drink

Children should bring their own packed lunch and snack. Water is always available. Please be aware that lunch boxes are stored in the cloakroom so cool packs may be advisable. Please note: children must not bring nuts (in any form) in to School at any time due to the effect this may have on children and staff with allergies. Children should not share their snack/lunch with others.

Clothing & Equipment

Please equip your child with a rucksack, sun cream, cap and waterproof coat for the days we have outings planned. Wellies may also be required on wet days, and a towel & change of clothing will be needed for water fights. Children are not permitted to bring any electrical equipment to Activity Camp, such as iPods, Nintendo DS, mobile phones, etc.


Please remember that normal School parking rules apply and vehicles may not be left on the drive unattended at any time. This is a health and safety risk and is against the School’s policy.


The Camp Mobile is 07840 409 826. Please remember the School Office isn’t always staffed during the School holidays. 

In the first instance if you have any queries please contact either Little Sports direct (0800 032 1806 or – or the School Office.

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