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Monday 5 March

Many apologies for the inconvenience but please note School will be closed on Monday 5 March, due to  a flood that has meant Nursery, Reception, the Hall and the Kitchen are all currently out of service. Parents please see the email for further information.

General Reminders

Do not endanger your or the children's safety by travelling if you do not feel it is safe to do so.

Please email if your child/ren is unable to come in to school rather than calling, as our phone lines may be busy. If you can make it in, you may decide to pick your child up early if conditions deteriorate.

Please remember to send your children with appropriate clothing so as they can still go outside and enjoy the conditions, assuming we feel it is safe to do so. This includes School hat, scarf and gloves in School every day. We advise that children come to School in PE kit if the weather is bad and bring appropriate snow clothing.  We also ask that they have a change of suitable footwear to go outside in, and maybe an extra pair of socks.

In snowy conditions the vehicle gates may be kept closed meaning there is only pedestrian access to the school site.

We endeavour to update you via Twitter and Facebook and then and email / text if needed.

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