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Children who demonstrate exceptional ability, either academically or in a specific area such as Sport, Music, Art, Science or Drama will be considered for a scholarship. These are available to external children and current children in the school.

External Applicants

Our external scholarship assessments involve a professional evaluation according to the subject area in which a child may show a particular strength. If applying for an academic scholarship, the children would sit assessments in English and/or Maths. These are closely aligned with the assessments common to the National Curriculum for the relevant year group. We also use our professional teacher judgement. With regard to creative subjects, we would assess children's abilities as they participate in appropriate activities . We ask that you supplement any application with supporting evidence; eg school reports, assessment results, awards gained, team representation certificates .

Internal Scholarships

At the end of each academic year we assess each child's performance and consider awarding internal scholarships to those children who have performed exceptionally well in a certain area/s and displayed a positive attitude to match. We contact parents directly if their child has been awarded an internal scholarship. Please note, there is no need for current children to apply for a scholarship as each child is monitored throughout the year and considered accordingly.

Other Information

We hold regular Scholarship Events to consider children entering into Years 3 - 6.

Our next Scholarship Week will take place in February 2021.

This scholarship week is open to external applicants with academic, sport, music, drama or dance talents.

Please note, a scholarship is a confidential agreement between the school and the relevant family.

For more information, or to book a suitable time for your child to sit a Scholarship Assessment, please Contact Us.

External Parents can view and complete our Scholarship Application Form here.

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