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At Brabyns Prep School, we value the views of our children as much as we do parents and staff.

Further to our School Council and the ongoing conversations we have with the children about their experience at school, we have developed an online survey to enable us to capture genuine views. Children in Years 3 -6 recently completed the survey. This initiative will be repeated on a regular basis and the findings will be incorporated into our school development planning to ensure we continue to be effective in meeting the needs of those most important to us: the children.

Pleasingly, the survey results highlight the children's enjoyment at school, the high standard of teaching and the wide range of opportunities available for all children.

We received particularly strong results in the following areas:

Pupils were also given an opportunity to offer suggestions for how the school could be improved. The most common suggestions were as follows:

There were also some other excellent ideas put forward, including:

The results will be shared with the children and the highlighted areas for development will be incorporated into the School Council who will work with the teachers to draw up an action plan.

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