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In September 2019 a new School Development Plan was created with contributions in a variety of ways from our children, staff, parents and our governing body.

Over the course of 2019-20 we will focus on three key areas which support our vision and our aims.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an exceptional school which stands out in the local community – a school where all children do their best and flourish, in an environment which fosters a deep love of learning through a wide and engaging curriculum.

Making Learning more Visible

We aim to enhance the visibility of each child’s progress, attainment, potential and attitudes, so that parents and children are fully aware of their achievements and next steps. As a result of clear data and reporting, parents will have a secure understanding of the progress their child is making and where they sit in relation to national age related expectations, and the implications this will have on choosing the most appropriate secondary school.

Develop Children’s Learning Characteristics

We aim to encourage children to take ownership of their learning, providing distinct opportunities for them to encounter challenge and uncertainty, in order to develop resilience, collaboration, independence, and intrinsic motivation, and to appreciate their successes. This will be a key focus of our teaching and of our staff coaching programme.

Enhance the Technological Provision

Through significant investment in our IT infrastructure and hardware, we will provide children with up-to-date technology, enabling them to enhance their IT skills and literacy throughout the curriculum and beyond. We will equip them to work independently, collaboratively and safely in the wider modern world.

You can download a copy of the School Development Plan here.

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