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A Great Team Game at Warren Wood


All of the boys in Year 6 played together in their recent football match against Warren Wood. For EWG in goal, it would be the last time that he played with the team as he went off to his new school after Easter. 

Warren Wood were a very strong team and, although the Brabyns Year 6 team didn’t manage to win the game, their determination and desire to win was apparent throughout. EWG had an amazing game and certainly kept Brabyns in the game with save after save and could not have done anything for the goals that Warren Wood did score.
One of the main things for me though, was seeing the enjoyment of all the boys playing alongside each other, representing the school. At the end of the game, the boys decided by themselves that they should run to the touchline and applaud EWG off in his last game. It was a really nice touch and shows the friendship, spirit and the camaraderie that the children have between themselves at our school.

Mr. Ashton



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